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Phelan Unwilling to Negotiate with House Democrats, Election Bill Will not Undergo Amendments

After a 15-hour filibuster where state Sen. Carol Alvarado stood on her feet with a catheter, tennis shoes, and a back brace, the Senate passed SB 01, also known as the voter suppression bill.

The bill, which has been a GOP priority since the beginning of the Legislature, has faced nationwide backlash as it restricts voting access by limiting previous freedoms such as mail-in ballots, drive-thru voting as well as strengthening the scope of partisan poll watchers.  

 “Senate Bill 1 slowly but surely chips away at our democracy. It adds rather than removes barriers for Texas seniors, persons with disabilities, African Americans, Asian and Latino voters from the political process,” said Alvarado during her filibuster. “Senate Bill 1 is a regressive step back in the direction of that dark and painful history.”

After passing through the Senate, the bill would normally be headed to the Texas House to become law, however, the House has been in full stop after Democrats broke quorum to prevent it from passing.

As a response, speaker of the House Dade Phelan issued a civil arrest warrant for the 52 Democrats who blocked GOP’s bill intentions in the Legislature.

The House version of the bill, HB3 could have found common ground between parties if amendments were agreed, but the author of the House Bill Andrew S. Murrr has suggested there will be no public hearing on the bill and all changes will be made on the floor.

“Accordingly, I have filed House Bill 3 to address election integrity and security. As filed, House Bill 3 is identical to legislation file during the 1st Called Session (also number as House Bill 3), read a letter issued by Murr, “I am filing this language so that we can pick up the debate in the exact place we left it following a break in quorum in the House,”

According to CNN, The bill will next head to the House, where Democrats have delayed its passage by vacating the Capitol, though its eventual passage in the Republican-led legislature is virtually assured.

Written by RA News staff.


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