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Who Are the 26 Texas Legislators Who Voted Against an Anti-Human Trafficking Bill?

With U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) under investigation for an alleged sexual relationship with an underage girl, as well as the reminder that during his freshman year in Congress he was the lone “nay” vote on a bill combatting sex trafficking that passed the U.S. House 418-1, it’s worth looking at who voted no on an anti-human trafficking bill in Texas.

In January last year, RA News reported on the prevalence of human trafficking in hotels and the lack of legislation addressing the issue reminding readers that, “legislators could ensure compliance from the hotel industry by creating laws that require staff training and stated policies at hotels in the state.”

On Thursday morning, the Texas House passed HB 390 by Chairwoman Senfronia Thompson on a 122-26 vote that would require hotels to conduct trainings on the awareness and prevention of human trafficking.

Current legislation does not require hotels to conduct trainings, and while associations have encouraged training in the past, hotels outside of those associations have nothing compelling them to conduct these kinds of awareness trainings.

In 2019 three women sued major hotel chains in Houston claiming they hadn’t done enough to prevent human trafficking.

While anti-human trafficking legislation has had broad bipartisan support, some House members voted against the measure. Here’s a list of who voted against the bill.

Rep. Biedermann
Rep. Cain
Rep. Cason
Rep. Gates
Rep. Harless
Rep. Hefner
Rep. Holland
Rep. King, P
Rep. Krause
Rep. Middleton
Rep. Oliverson
Rep. Patterson
Rep. Paul
Rep. Sanford
Rep. Shaheen
Rep. Slaton
Rep. Slawson
Rep. Smith
Rep. Smithee
Rep. Spiller
Rep. Stephenson
Rep. Stucky
Rep. Tinderholt
Rep. Vasut
Rep. White

Written by RA News staff.


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