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Texas GOP Convention: Key Moments And Exclusive Insights

Welcome to RA News’ recap of the 2024 Texas GOP Convention! We’re bringing you the most compelling stories and exclusive interviews straight from the source: the event itself. From scathing critiques of the party’s leadership to controversial proposals on school curriculum, this convention proved to be a pivotal moment in Texas politics.

Here are some of our highlights from this significant event:

1. Interview with Abolish Abortion Member:

Discover the motivations and beliefs driving the movement and learn why young children -no older than 9 or 10- welcomed attendees with “Abolish Abortion” signs, sparking both curiosity and conversation among guests.

As one member stated, “Two of those kids are my boys. I want them to learn from an early age that it’s important to stand in the gates and speak truth, to speak it with discernment and wisdom and love, and they have been with me here all week.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.

2. Interview with Texas Nationalist Movement Member:

Gain insight into the Texas Nationalist Movement’s goals and the fervor behind their push for independence. During the convention, the group shared photos of supporters holding “TEXIT NOW!” signs and engaged with delegates and attendees.

“The will of Republican Primary voters is clear,” the TNM wrote on an X/Twitter post. “They want a VOTE on TEXIT! It’s time the RPT supports the will of their own party and not establishment politicians.”

A member passionately expressed to the RA team that at TNM, “We believe that Texas was once a nation and eventually we would like to be a nation again because really truly shouldn’t Texas really be governed only by Texans? I mean who knows better what Texas needs and wants than other Texans.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.

3. Exclusive conversation with a member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation:

The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a public policy and educational organization that “brings the sanctity of free-market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation,” according to their website.

They act as liaisons to Black and faith-based organizations, conservative candidates, and elected officials, and focus on educating on the social, cultural, spiritual, and civic rights needs of our nation.

A member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation shared some words with us at the convention, “The whole premise of the organization is to increase the amount of black and brown people who support our philosophy. We are trying to go after those votes.”

“The biggest thing we are asking them now is would you consider voting for a non-Democrat, and those things help us have greater conversations about other things.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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