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Texas Man Looks For Girlfriend With $400 Billboard

A “lonely” Texas man is looking for a woman to marry, but dating apps are not for him, so he decided to find a partner the old-fashioned way: putting up a $400-a-week billboard with his picture and phone number.

Albert “Al” Gilberti, 70, said he has already received 400 calls and 50 emails in just two weeks for his billboard, which reads:

“Lonely male

Can relocate


Seeks female marriage minded. Enjoy Karaoke.”

According to Al, most of the calls have been from people looking for his money. 

“It’s been more enquiries from people that are looking to gain something from me — which I get, I’d probably do the same!” Al told the New York Post.

Al has been single since 2015 and was previously married. He is also a father of one. He said he’s looking for the right person, and that he’s even willing to move to other parts of the country and even the UK.

“I just want someone loyal, I want someone honest about themselves and someone sincere, that’s going to be coming into something they really want to be in,” he told the Post.

Al says he is in good shape, he is open-minded and that he does not look of his age. He also has a retirement income and says he is a good listener.

“Of course, I’m somewhat looking for fame with the billboard but I also want to meet the right person,” he concluded.

Written by RA News staff.


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