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Texas Officials React To Hunter Biden’s Conviction

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was convicted of all three felony charges related to the purchase of a gun on Tuesday, just weeks after former President Donald Trump was convicted in his hush money trial. Now, Republicans are taking the opportunity to say Biden’s family are criminals, and Democrats are saying the event shows the justice system is just fine. These are some of the reactions from Texas officials.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted about Hunter Biden’s conviction in his usual provocative style.

He shared a screenshot of a story titled “Biden to speak on gun safety shortly after his son is found guilty on firearm charges,” adding the comment, “The emperor has no clothes.”

This phrase is often used metaphorically to describe situations where a widely accepted belief is shown to be false by someone courageous enough to reveal the truth. However, since President Biden’s stance is to enhance background checks and his son was convicted for lying on a gun purchase, Cruz’s comment missed the point.

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, on the other hand, said that Hunter Biden has a crime family.

“In any FAIR TRIAL – it’s easy to see that these people are CRIMINALS who have taken advantage of the American people LONG ENOUGH.”

So it seems that Jackson conceded that it was a fair trial, but moments later he said that Trump’s trial was not fair and that all of his 34 charges were fabricated.

“‘Guilty’ on all 34 FABRICATED counts won’t be enough to stop MAGA in November!!,” he wrote. However, both Biden and Trump were convicted by a jury of his peers under the same judicial system. 

On the Democratic side, State Rep. Gene Wu retweeted a post highlighting that both Trump and Hunter Biden were convicted because they broke the law. Wu added a joke comment that read: 

“HUNTER BIDEN announces that he is officially ending his PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: ‘I respect the decision of the jury, and the American people deserve good leadership.’”

He added the comment as if that was what Trump should have done after his conviction and end his presidential campaign.

Other Democrats praised the justice system and that not even the president’s son is untouchable, while Republicans echoed Trump’s message that the conviction underscores that Biden and his family are criminals.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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