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Why Are So Many Texans Googling ‘My Eyes Hurt’ After The Eclipse?

It appears that many people viewed the eclipse without proper protection, as Google saw a spike in “my eyes hurt” searches after the astronomical event.

Wall Street Journal SEO Editor Shalom Goodman first noticed the spike in Google searches for terms like “eyes hurt,” “my eyes hurt,” and “why do my eyes hurt” on Twitter/X. The spike occurred around 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PT.

The Google Trends maps also show that the states where the most people searched for terms related to vision problems were in states like Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. These are the same areas that were in the path of the eclipse.

Looking directly at a solar eclipse can cause serious vision problems, but if your eyes hurt after the eclipse, it doesn’t mean you have a serious problem.

“If your eyes feel a little funny after an eclipse, it may not be a sign of solar retinopathy. Damage from the eclipse is unlikely to cause pain or discomfort in your eyes because the retina does not have any pain nerves,” the American Academy of Ophthalmology said.

However, if you viewed the eclipse for an extended period of time without certified solar viewing glasses or proper protection, be aware of your symptoms and seek medical attention.

Written by RA News staff.


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