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Rick Perry Says Being A RINO Is “Sexy,” Showing His Support For Dade Phelan

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry said that being a RINO, or Republican in Name Only, was ‘kind of sexy’ at a Dade Phelan campaign rally.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Perry attended a rally on February 15th at Jack Brooks Airport to show his support for House Speaker Dade Phelan, who has been accused of not being conservative enough. In recent weeks, several Republicans have been labeled RINOs for not supporting school vouchers or for voting to impeach Paxton.

“I think it’s kind of sexy, frankly,” Perry said, putting his hand on his head to mimic a rhino’s horn. “When you think about it … it’s one of the baddest boys on the block, right?”

Perry also said that “Dade Phelan is no more a RINO than Rick Perry.”

Phelan became a Republican target after pushing for Paxton’s impeachment and for appointing a handful of Democratic lawmakers to chair House committees. Those two things led the Texas GOP to recently censure Phelan.

Perry dismissed some of Phelan’s criticism, by saying that Lt. Gov. Dan Ptrick, up until recently, had a Democrat chairing a committee. Parry added that he even worked closely with Democrats on some issues when he was state lawmaker, agriculture commissioner, lieutenant governor and governor.

“They’re issues that are affecting people every day,” Perry said. “And I’ll be real honest with you — I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, if you will come and help me on that issue. … We just need to get things done together.”

Currently, Phelan is facing a difficult reelection campaign, as both Paxton and Former President Donald Trump have endorsed his primary opponent, David Covey. Perry is the only high-profile Republican that has endorsed Phelan.

Perry also showed support to other Republicans that are targeted for voting to impeach Paxton, including state Representatives Jacey Jetton, Jeff Leach and Stan Gerdes.

Gov. Greg Abbott has also endorsed some of the Republicans who voted to impeach Paxton, while targeting those who opposed vouchers.

Meanwhile Phelan addressed its district by saying that if they vote for his primary opponent, they will lose the only house speaker that the district has had in 172 years.

“This is a critical point for the Republican party in Texas. It’s about right and wrong. This seat belongs to Southeast Texans” who’ve worked too hard to have their first Speaker of the House, Phelan said. “I need your vote; I need your support. This is a war.”

Written by RA News staff.


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