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Jet Black River Beast Conquers Texas Waters

A rare jet black river beast was caught by two fishermen in southeast Texas.

Anglers Justin Jordan and Terrell Maguire were out on a marsh, fishing as usual, when Maguire felt a very strong thud on his fishing rod, and they both saw a gigantic, majestic metallic blackfish once they finished the ordeal of getting it out of the water. 

Justin Jordan is a fishing guide in the area for Lotus Guide Service and estimated the fish to be around 5 feet long, even though these gars can be much bigger.

It is the second alligator gar to be spotted in recent weeks in Texan waters; aquatic animal expert Payton Moore caught a 300 lb gar on the Houston Bayou on May 16th. 

Alligator gars are one of the oldest species of fish native to Central and North America, and are endangered,due to their Jurassic appearance, since people get scared and kill them. In reality, they are pacific giants that mean no harm to humans, and it is crucial to work on their preservation so they don’t become extinct.

There is little information about this species of fish since they are so rarely seen and scientists have not had the opportunity to research them or analyze their behavior. Currently, there is no track record of how many of these creatures roam Texan rivers and waters. 

Written by RA News staff.


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