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Tarrant County Rescues Puppies Abandoned In 100-Degree Heat

Eight puppies were rescued from a perilous situation in the scorching Texas heat just in time. 

On Monday the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about puppies abandoned in a carrier without water in a field, with temperatures soaring to 100 degrees.

According to a County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, a concerned passerby alerted the authorities about the puppies’ dangerous situation. Luckily, Fort Worth Animal Care & Control managed to rescue the puppies and treated them for the heat.

Photos on Facebook show officers holding the puppies and cooling them with water.

The puppies are now under the care of Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, where they will undergo medical exams and be put up for adoption soon.

This serves as a critical reminder to never leave pets in parked cars or other enclosed areas, especially during hot weather.

Dr. Michelle Oakley of “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” told PEOPLE that extreme heat could be fatal to dogs.

“It’s unreal how deathly hot a closed car can get in the sun and the shade, even with the window cracked,” Oakley said. “On a modestly warm day, around 75 degrees, it takes minutes for a closed car to reach 140 degrees, and even in the shade, that car will reach 100 degrees and over quickly. That can easily kill your dog in a very short period.”

If you see a dog that has been abandoned inside an enclosed area, you should call your county Sheriff’s office or animal control.

RA Staff
RA Staff
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