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This Texas Man Designed A Suit To Swim With Alligators

Some people in Texas, as in all the U.S. South, are quite fans of alligators. But Gary Saurage just took this alligator enthusiasm to another level. Saurage is the owner of Gator Country Adventure Park, a sanctuary that takes care of alligators abandoned or donated by other institutions such as Zoos. Gary’s space works very close to Texas authorities and with local universities, but Gary has another particularity, he designed an alligator suit that allows him to swim among the alligators in the sanctuary. 

In the video, we can see Gary putting on his suit and swimming with the alligators of the sanctuary. Gary says he has “perfected” the suit over the years and it seems it looks pretty realistic to the other alligators. You can volunteer in this sanctuary or be an intern. According to the sanctuary’s website, interns will learn about animal care, exhibit maintenance, landscaping, gardening, construction, security, retail assistance, and tour guiding. 


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