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Dwayne Bohac doesn't listen to Texans

State Representative Dwayne Bohac was first elected to the Texas Legislature in 2003. For 15 years, Bohac has received special interest campaign money, which has played a big role in his political success and in his record in the Texas House. Bohac has heard his special interest campaign contributors loud and clear, but he won’t listen to us.
Bohac has raked in over a million dollars from special interest groups and political action committees (PACs) across the state. His top contributors are party and committee special interest groups who have given him nearly $350,000. Other contributors who have given over $100,000 include the insurance industry, attorneys, real estate, finance, construction and banking sectors. With so many years under his belt, Dwayne Bohac plays the political money game like a seasoned professional.

Texans know too well the influence money can have in decision making for elected officials, and that’s exactly what special interest groups and political action committees (PACs) count on when they contribute to political campaigns. These groups help further Dwayne Bohac’s career and expect him to return the favor by voting their way in Austin on issues they care about. Too often the public loses.
Dwayne Bohac has given his contributors an excellent return on their investment, while stiffing everyday Texans. He voted to prohibit local government from regulating new construction and voted for a bill to create hurdles for Texans when receiving money from their insurance company for damages caused by a natural disaster. And Bohac, who is funded by telecomm PACs, voted against SB 586, which would have fostered competition and improved telecommunications service in the Texas market.
We won’t get property tax relief if corporations are getting their tax relief first. We won’t get consumer protection we deserve when it comes to insurance, utilities and corporations if policymakers are seduced by big campaign cash.
As long politicians like Dwayne Bohac are willing to accept lobbyists and special interest contributions, our taxes will go up and our services will suffer. We need honest government and real transparency. We need to Reform Austin.

Written by RA News staff.


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