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Voucher Vultures Swoop In But Get Shot Down: Texas Legislature Says No to PubEd Committee

SB8, the bill pushing for vouchers has failed to pass the Texas legislature. The controversial measure would have allowed parents to use public funds to send their children to private schools, diverting resources away from the public school system.

The vote was a close one, with 76-65 voting to block the Public Education Committee from meeting tonight in order to pass the legislation out of committee. Had the bill moved to the House floor and passed, it would have had significant and detrimental effects on public school education in Texas. Proponents of the bill argued that it would provide greater choice for parents and improve education outcomes for students, but critics argued that it would disproportionately benefit wealthy families while harming the most vulnerable students and schools.

The vote is a small victory for advocates of public education, but the fight is far from over. As Texas continues to grapple with issues of educational equity and funding, it is crucial that legislators prioritize the needs of all students and work to strengthen, rather than undermine, public education.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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