Donald Trump Endorses Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick the Same Day Gov. Abbott Gets Himself An Opponent on the GOP Primaries

On Monday morning, Former state Sen. Don Huffines announced that he would challenge Gov. Greg Abbott for the governorship in the upcoming GOP primaries. The current Governor ran unopposed in his last primaries.

A few hours later, Donald Trump announced his endorsement for a prominent Texan politician, but surprisingly, it was not Greg Abbott.

“Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is a great fighter for the people of Texas,” Trump said in a statement. “Texans should re-elect him! He is outstanding and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” said Trump in a statement.

Back in 2018, Fox Business journalist Neil Cavuto suggested that Gov. Abbott was Trump’s favorite Governor. The pair had just worked very closely together to cope with Hurricane Harvey, and the Sutherland Springs mass shooting.

In turn, Abbot said he and Trump “work well together” and described their relationship as “friendly”. We can’t help but wonder what might’ve gone wrong. It’s strange that Trump decided to endorse someone so close to Abbott the same day he got an official challenger, especially so early in the election and while Patrick remains unopposed for reelection.

It’s worth noting that Patrick and Trump have been in lockstep for years, after all the Lt. Governor chaired both of Trump’s campaigns in Texas. 

Trump’s statement also mentioned some of the values that Patrick stands for “ Life, Liberty, the Second Amendment, Border Security, our Military and our Vets, and our God-given Freedoms.”

Patrick responded by saying it was an honor to have Trump’s support, “Over the last five years in my role as Chairman of President Trump’s presidential campaign in Texas, he and I have become good friends,” he said in a statement.

However, Patrick has been facing some “friendly fire” inside the Republican Party. He was recently sued by Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, over Senate rules requiring a COVID-19 test to participate in certain chamber procedures. The lawsuit was dismissed earlier this week by a state judge.


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