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Habitat For Humanity Tackles Surging Housing Prices For Austin ISD

Habitat for Humanity is planning to help the Austin school district by building affordable housing to fight against the surging housing costs and high inflation that Austin ISD families and employees have been suffering from. 

Austin Habitat for Humanity will build a total of 30 homes, marketed to teachers, staff members, and families with children attending schools in the district.

Andy Alarcon, vice president of real estate and planning at Austin Habitat for Humanity said it was important to have his Habitat family as a part of mixed-income neighborhoods. 

“Unfortunately, not all affordable housing allows families to be a part of the greater community like this partnership provided. This will be a great opportunity for our family partners and AISD employees.”

According to Austin American-Statesman, home prices will range from $200,000s to $300,000. Less than half of what the median price for a home in Austin is right now, which hit a record of $624,000 in March.

Construction is expected to begin this year for both projects and people can move in starting in 2023. Austin school district faculty, staff, and families have priority and can start to apply through June 30, the rest of the public can apply after that date.

To apply you must fill out an interest form, and the first people who qualify and complete the process will be eligible for the homes, said Angel Leverett, communications manager for Austin Habitat for Humanity.

“We understand that 30 homes for a whole district is not a huge amount,” Austin district spokesperson Cristina Nguyen said. “We definitely want to expand the affordable housing supply in Austin, and so that’s definitely something that we are looking to (do) in the future. Right now, we are really excited to open up this opportunity, even if it is just 30 properties … in our community for our students and staff.”

RA Staff
RA Staff
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