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Houston’s Hottest New Restaurants: Get Ready To Savor the Flavors!

Are you tired of always going to the same restaurants? Looking for something new in the city? Trying to discover some amazing restaurants? Then this list is for you.

New restaurants are opening in Houston, and some might be just what you are looking for in the season to come. These are some of the most exciting new restaurants in Houston to try this fall according to the Houston Chronicle.


This restaurant brings the best of Greek, Turkish and Lebanese food to Houston. This restaurant also promises music and belly dancers at night, along with Med-flavored cocktails. The place is located at 1947 W. Gray.

Elro Pizza & Crudo

As the name indicates, the place only serves two things: “fresh, beautifully assembled cold seafood and hot, blistered pizzas.” This is the first solo project of Chef Terrence Gallivan and is named after his children Eleanor and Ronan. The restaurant is at 2405 Genesee.

The Rado Market

An all-day café that is at the same time a marketplace and a bookstore. The menu has hot rolls, tacos, quiches, salads, and sandwiches. The place is intended to be a community-minded restaurant located at 2310 Elgin.


If you’re looking for Italian food, then this is perfect. The menu includes panzanella salad, farro-stuffed roasted calamari, oysters topped with prosecco granita and caviar, and pasta, of course. The restaurant’s design is inspired by Italian gardens, it is located at 1180 Dunlavy.


This restaurant is part of a popular South-Korea based chain and it’s the seventh US location. The menu features beef noodle soup and other customized bone broth-based soup, along with ramen. The restaurant is located at 6650 Corporate Dr.You can try these amazing new restaurants but also you can check out for more in the original list published by the Chronicle!

Written by RA News staff.


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