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The Slow Demise Of JFK QAnon’s Cult

Breaking News: The JFK Cult is finally falling apart.

The mystery is how it has managed to survive for so long.

The leader of a Dallas QAnon cult, Michael Protzman, aka Negative 48, has made a plethora of bizarre claims: JFK being disguised as Donald Trump, Melania Trump being the Queen of Russia and Princess Diana in disguise. He even tells his followers he’s the “second coming of Christ.”

As incredulous as it sounds, the guy has hundreds of followers who would actually follow him to mars if he proclaimed the resurrection of JFK Jr. to be out of this world.

Towards the end of 2021, QAnon gathered in Dallas, to shake hands with the living corpse of JFK Jr. Okay, not literally, but they were hoping for it.

Protzman’s followers traveled from all corners of the country to the site of JFK’s 1963 assassination, expecting to see the resurrection of him and his parents, John F. Kennedy and Jackie.

The purpose for the resurrection? To formally reinstate Donald Trump as president.

However, the day of the resurrection never arrived and many cult members returned home, but a core group remained in Dallas. Negative 48 continued to predict JFK’s return based on a bastardized version of the Jewish numerology system known as Gematria, as reported by Vice News.

Despite many failed predictions, Protzman’s followers remained loyal and donated tens of thousands of dollars to the cause, for accommodation, food, and travel. Their latest conspiracy is that the Ukraine war is part of a plan to uncover President Joe Biden’s criminality and replace him with JFK, who they believe is alive and disguised as Trump.

After several months, cracks are beginning to appear.
(shocking to believe this didn’t happen sooner) 

According to Vice News, the group has dwindled in size from over 100 to just over a few dozen and has split into at least three factions, with each splinter group making wild allegations against the others.

“I think we’re slowly getting to the point where it’s going to end,” Karma, an open-source researcher who has tracked this cult closely since its inception, told VICE News.

The group continues to be very active; touring the country, attending multiple Trump rallies, recruiting new members – they have started to target children – and attempting to ingratiate itself to the wider MAGA world.

But all these attempts can’t shadow the truth that the JFK QAnon Cult is losing momentum and followers as every crazy conspiracy theory turns to mush.

They have even been dismissed by the wider QAnon community because their predictions have been too wild. Let’s remember this comes from a group that believes a cabal of pedophiles is trafficking children around the world to drink their blood.

To quote Karma: “Shit’s falling apart.”

Written by RA News staff.


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