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Officers respond to reports of kangaroo hopping on street in Texas

Lufkin made headlines Sunday when an unexpected visitor jumped into the spotlight: a loose kangaroo.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that the Lufkin Police Department received a call about a kangaroo hopping down Fuller Springs Drive last Sunday morning.

In a Facebook video, the caller described the moment when he and his wife encountered the marsupial on their way to breakfast. “I thought it was a loose dog,” he said. “But then I looked closer and realized, ‘that’s a freaking kangaroo,’ just hopping down the road!”

According to police, the kangaroo’s owners had left the gate open, but officers were able to return the marsupial to its owners unharmed.

The police report added a humorous note: “Kangaroo Jack was spotted leaving his residence today along Fuller Springs, surprising residents since the star has been living his life behind the scenes ever since his movie premiered years ago.”

In a playful nod to the incident, the Lufkin Police Department even added a kangaroo to its social media logo.

If you want to own a kangaroo, surprisingly, Texas is one of 13 states where it is legal to own a kangaroo as an exotic pet. According to PetHelpful, to keep a kangaroo as a pet, you need a large and grassy area for the animal to roam freely and adequate fencing, as they can jump over four feet high and leap 15 feet in distance.

Remember to always ask a professional for their opinion before making the choice of having an exotic pet.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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