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Paxton Scandal Takes Another Odd Turn

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton may have hoped that the news media would move on after he announced on Friday that he was ending the investigation into the FBI’s treatment of Austin developer and high-dollar political donor Nate Paul. It is now Monday, and nothing could be further from the truth as Paul appears to now be turning on his good friend. 

In a letter the Houston Chronicle appears to have been the first to obtain, Paul’s attorney, Michael Wynne, writes that his client has become collateral damage of apparent dysfunction in the AG’s office.  

Paxton has been fending off calls for his resignation since the Austin American-Statesman reported a week ago on allegations of bribery and abuse of office related to his relationship with Paul and the investigation he started on Paul’s behalf. 

There had not been a peep from Paul until the letter from his attorney surfaced, a move that appears to be aimed at laying the groundwork for legal action. Wynne wants documents related to Paul’s contact with Paxton’s office preserved. He asserts his client has legitimate claims against the FBI that are being scuttled by the chaos in Paxton’s office.

Paxton closed the investigation on Friday after Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore instructed her employees to have no further contact with Paxton or his office on the matter. In a letter to Paxton, Moore raised serious concerns about the integrity of the investigation and the propriety of your Paxton’s office doing it. 

Paxton and Paul had initially gone to Moore to ask her office to investigate Paul’s charges that the FBI mishandled raids at his home and office last year. She declined and handed it to Paxton. 

Last week, a group of Paxton’s senior executives united in asking for a criminal probe of their boss’ involvement with Paul.  

Wynne alleges that those same employees have mishandled everything and that his client has not benefited in any way.  

“The OAG intervention was nonproductive and only served to create confusion, frustrate any resolution, and add to false media reporting about these events,” Wynne said in the Chronicle. 

From the beginning, Paxton has maintained he has done nothing wrong. 

Written by RA News staff.


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