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Steve Allison doesn’t believe hard-working Texans deserve a better life

For nearly 10 years, the state’s minimum wage has not risen from the current $7.25 hourly rate, meaning more and more Texans are struggling to put food on the table, maintain a roof over their heads and secure reliable transportation to get to work. Don’t expect Texas House of Representatives candidate Steve Allison to care.
It is nearly impossible to live in Texas on a minimum-age job, including San Antonio, where the average monthly cost for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,085. A San Antonio News-Express article reports a person living in a two-bedroom apartment must make at least $19.25 an hour – more than twice the rate of two full-time, minimum-wage jobs – to survive.
Additionally, a majority of San Antonio residents use a car as their main mode of transportation. But with rising gas prices and increasing maintenance costs, not everyone can afford their own car. They must use public transportation, which is unreliable in the metro area.
Hard-working Texans are struggling to find stability, but the stagnant minimum wage is hindering their efforts to earn a decent living.
Research shows that an overwhelming 62 percent of Texans favor a minimum wage increase, according to the Texas Tribune. Many other states have already raised their minimum wage rate – more than half have done so since 2010. With rent rising by 6 percent and household income declining by 4 person from 2007-2015, it’s a no-brainer as to why these states have decided to do right by their residents.  
But Steve Allison, a candidate running for State Representative in the San Antonio area, doesn’t agree. Allison believes we should continue to punish hard-working Texans who are trying to make ends meet on minimum-wage jobs. Allison is a candidate who will vote against Texans’ best interests for his own benefit.

RA Staff
RA Staff
Written by RA News staff.


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