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Chillin’ At The Austin Zoo: How Animals Beat The Heat With Frozen Treats

With the temperature going up and up, animals at the Austin Zoo are also feeling the heat. Luckily, the animals are well taken care of and the zookeepers have solutions.

Animals that have the possibility of overheating or that are not used to the heat, have opportunities to cool off so they can stay healthy and happy. According to a report by KVUE, animals at the Austin Zoo receive frozen treats for the heat.

Tigers receive blood popsicles made of chicken and beef blood, while others have popsicles of frozen fruits, juices, or milk.

Other animals have areas with fans and zoo staff spray them down to help keep them cool. Also, some of the animals have indoor areas where they can retreat too that have air conditioning. Some animals, like bears, have sprinklers and pools.

Pets at home can also overheat. It is important to not walk them on concrete or asphalt in the daytime because these materials can burn their paws, so it’s better to do it after sunset or early in the morning.

It is important to keep them inside when it’s too hot and have plenty of water so they can stay hydrated. You can even give them frozen treats so they can stay cool!

Written by RA News staff.


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