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Molly Ivins said “if you ever get to the place where injustice doesn’t bother you, you’re dead.” Andrea, a near-native Houstonian who has worked in nonprofit and politics her whole career. Andrea has written for Burnt Orange Report and Nonsequiteuse.

Women Raise Money for Texas Campaigns, but Not Always in the Usual Ways

Everyone bemoans the influence of money in politics, but candidates face a brutal truth: If you don’t raise enough money to run a campaign,...

Equal Population, but Not Representation: Could 2020 Be the Year of Texas Women Candidates?

The 1992 election following Anita Hill’s grilling at the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas earned the sobriquet...

The Cost of Running for Office as a Woman in Texas

Ryan Dennis pushed back from the conference table midway through a leadership team meeting at a Houston nonprofit early in January. She pulled some...

The Road to Political Office is Long, Expensive, and for Many Texans, Impossible

Among the barriers to serving in the Texas legislature, money—enough to run a campaign, access to the people who can give it, and a job that can support you once you
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