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Dr. M. Ray Perryman
Bio for op-ed today: Dr. M. Ray Perryman is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Perryman Group, an economic and financial analysis firm which has served the needs of over 2,500 clients over the past four decades, including more than half of the Fortune 100, two-thirds of the Global 25, and ten US Cabinet Departments.

Opinion: Texas Needs to Access Federal Health Care Funds

The pandemic and resulting economic dislocations are creating significant fiscal challenges for the state and local governments. In particular, the budgetary process in the...

Opinion: COVID-19’s Economic Toll Will Be With Us For Years to Come

The high human cost and loss of life due to COVID-19 is tragic and staggering. Few of us remained untouched by the disease in...
RA Op-ed its the economy

Opinion: It’s the Economy, Stupid. Which Candidate’s Economy is Better?

The state of the economy is inevitably a central issue in presidential campaigns, debates and elections. This year will likely be even more intense...

Opinion: Long-Term Outlook for Texas Economy Positive

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions needed to slow the spread of the virus have caused substantial harm to the economy. Even in the...

Opinion: A Census Undercount Would Cost Texas Billions

Accurate census counts are far more than just a matter of interest. They are vital to ensuring adequate federal funding for various programs, appropriate...
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