Huffines screams at school children: "That is the most selfish thing I have ever...

Don Huffines can yell at school kids all day long, but it won’t change his record of selling out their education.  

Matt Shaheen contributes to the school funding crisis

Prioritizing school funding should be at the top of the Legislature’s agenda, but representatives like Matt Shaheen (R-Plano) continue to oppose adequately funding Texas public schools.

Donna Campbell calls Texas' public schools 'a monstrosity, a monopoly'

State Senator Donna Campbell aggressively advocates for school vouchers over public schools.

Poor leadership has turned Texas' education system into a mess

The Texas Legislature has had plenty of time to improve education funding in the state. Why haven't they?

George P. Bush move could cut $140 million from education budget

Texas schools may face a bigger budget crunch after this move.

Matt Rinaldi fails Texas children when he votes

Matt Rinaldi says “our children deserve better,” and he’s right.  We need Texas policymakers to take responsibility for educating and protecting Texas children, and stop protecting corporate special interests.

Joan Huffman votes to take funding away from public schools

Establishment politicians like Joan Huffman want us to believe – a few weeks before the election – they are finally concerned about the public education funding crisis. Austin politicians like Huffman aren't telling you they created this crisis.

Rodney Anderson keeps Texas students from succeeding

When will Anderson and other state lawmakers step up and give Texas children the opportunity to succeed and give Texas homeowners a break?

Texas school finance reforms need to focus on equity

David S. Knight is the associate director of the Center for Education Research and policy Studies at the University of Texas El Paso.  The Texas...

When it comes to civic engagement, Texas gets an F

Texas ranks near the bottom nationally when it comes to voter registration and voter turnout.

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