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Lisa Luby Ryan is a risk to public health

While Texans young and old are dying from a rise in infectious diseases, a first-time candidate for Texas House District 114 in Dallas County is championing an organization which opposes common-sense vaccinations that protect our kids.
Lisa Luby Ryan has been endorsed by Texans for Vaccine Choice, a group whose aggressive, anti-science rhetoric puts Texas families at risk. Ryan recorded a video with them to accept their endorsement earlier this year.
Luby Ryan may not want to talk about it, but infectious disease experts are sounding the alarm about the growing opposition to vaccinations in Texas. In a recent Houston Chronicle article, well known Texas vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez noted some “scary” trends. “They’re a sign that anti-vaccine groups, such as Texans for Vaccine Choice, have been very successful at lobbying efforts – both of the Texas Legislature and through social media and other advocacy — to convince parents not to vaccinate their kids,” he said.
This increase in “anti-vaxxer” support accompanies a steep rise in infectious diseases in Texas – 10,000 Texans dead from the worst flu outbreak in years, the highest incidence of mumps in 22 years, a measles outbreak in Ellis County and possible measles exposures at a movie theater in Waxahachie and a gym in Midlothian.
In September, passengers on a Southwest flight from Dallas to Houston were diagnosed with the measles.
More recently, Reform Austin reported on various outbreaks of infectious diseases across the Lone Star State.
Meanwhile, more and more Texas children are not getting vaccinated. According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, “nearly 57,000 students claimed at least one non-medical exemption from otherwise mandatory shots. That’s nearly 4,000 more unvaccinated students attending school in the 2017-18 school year than the year before.” The Chronicle reported further that “when the state’s 300,000-plus homeschooled children are taken into account, it’s possible that the number of children whose parents opted them out of vaccines may exceed 100,000.”
Luby Ryan is championing an anti-science organization when infectious diseases are on the rise, and in spite of overwhelming public support among Texans for vaccinating kids.
Lisa Luby Ryan wants to serve in the Texas Legislature. She has a responsibility to protect public health. How can we trust her to do that?
You can find more information about measles, mumps and the flu in the links listed below:

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