Texas DPS Says It’s Time to Renew Your Drivers License and Registration

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is warning Texas drivers, “If you’re overdue, it’s time to renew!”  

The waiver on renewing expired Drivers Licenses is ending on April 14, 2021. The waiver was announced by Governor Greg Abbott back in March due to the pandemic, it covered DLs, commercial DLs, commercial learner permits, ID cards and election identification certificates that were to expire on or after March 13, 2020. 

Texas DL and ID holders can renew, address change and replace cards online, just visit Texas.gov.

Also, the temporary waiver of certain vehicle title and registration requirements that were announced by the Governor’s office in March will also end on April 14, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced this week.

“I commend Governor Abbott for balancing the safety of Texans with the need to continue vital state services by offering the waivers to registration and titling requirements during the pandemic. Fortunately, many Texans are already in compliance with these requirements,” said Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) Executive Director Whitney Brewster. 

The expiring waiver covers these services:

  • Initial vehicle registration
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Vehicle titling
  • Renewal of permanent disabled parking placards
  • 30-day temporary permits

Texas DPS offices say there are three ways to renew your vehicle registration. 

  1. Online: Visit txdmv.gov or texas.gov. The DPS says this is the quickest and least expensive way to renew. You can save $1 if you renew online. Online renewal is available up to nine months past your registration expiration date.
  2. Mail: Return the bottom portion of your registration renewal form, payment and other required information to your county tax assessor-collector.
  3. In Person: Visit the office of your county tax assessor-collector. In many counties, in-person renewal is also available at other locations, such as certain grocery stores. Contact your county tax office to check hours and locations.

For in-person renewal  there will be expanded office hours at designated offices from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday, starting on Jan. 4. Appointments are already being accepted for these additional hours. Here’s a list of participating offices in Texas.

To schedule an appointment or check availability, here’s the appointment scheduler.

“We continued to offer registration renewal and other important services throughout the waiver period,” said Brewster.

Here’s more coverage for Texas drivers on staying safe on Texas roads.


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