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Texas Universities In Turmoil: Tenure Under Fire

On Tuesday, the Texas House is set to take a final vote on a bill that would establish tenure in state law and make...

Rumors Confirmed: Texas Education Agency Announces Houston ISD Takeover

After weeks of rumors out of Austin, it has been confirmed that the Texas Education Agency will announce the state takeover of Houston Independent...

Houston Area Democrats Move To Protect HISD From A Total State Takeover

In an effort to try to prevent the complete takeover of Houston Independent School District (HISD) three Texas Democratic state senators filed Senate Bill...

Who’s on the Frequent (Delinquent) Filer List?

If there’s anyone in Texas who should follow the law above all others, it’s the politicians in Austin. While Texans struggle to pay their...

Texas Teachers Deserve A Livable Wage

Instead of supporting Texas teachers and their vitally important job, state officials have been removing resources from classrooms and shortchanging educators’ pay. Many teachers today are forced to work multiple jobs, just to earn a living.
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