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“You Had Sex With Your Staffer. The Clock Is Ticking…”

On Friday evening, The Quorum Report reported a complaint – that was leaked to them – made against Rep. Bryan Slaton, which corroborates the recent rumors that he had inappropriate relationships with one of his staffers. According to the complaint, after the alleged sexual encounter, Slaton tried to blackmail his staffer and her friends.

The complaint was filed by the staffer’s roommate, a staffer who also works at the Capitol for Rep. Tony Tinderholt. The staffer’s complaint recounts Slaton and his staffer’s little get-together at his Austin apartment last weekend.

Slaton, who calls himself a “bold and brave Christian-Conservative” Texas lawmaker, called his staffer on March 31st and asked her to come over to his condo. The staffer then made her way to his condo, accompanied by two of Tinderholt’s staffers (including the one who filed the complaint.)

Later that night, the complaint recounts Slaton “cuddling with his staffer.”

“Once we arrived to Slaton’s condo, he and *** began to flirt with each other, he would hold her waist, they’d isolate themselves and go into another space of condo,” the complaint states.

Tinderholt’s staffer later had to leave Slaton’s condo, and says her roommate didn’t make it home until the next morning where she confessed to her that she had “sexual relations with Bryan Slaton the night before.”

A source with direct knowledge of the incident told the Tribune that Slaton had also been drinking alcoholic beverages with the staffer, who is under 21 – the complaint reported by the Quorum Report does not mention alcohol, which would make everyone at Slaton’s an accomplice to underage drinking.

The complaint recounts that in the following days, Slaton called his staffer into his office to threaten her and her friends (Tinderholt’s staffers who were also present at Slaton’s condo.)

Slaton allegedly showed his staffer an email that said: “you had sex with your staffer, do you really trust these 20 year old girls to keep your secret? The clock is ticking..”

The message alarmed Slaton’s and Tinderholt’s staffers. Later when confronted with the threatening email, Slaton said: “it’s okay, there will be no more emails as long as you and your friends keep quiet.”

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