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Troy Reynolds is founder of Texans for Public Education, a grassroots group dedicated to advocating for Texas public schools. He is also still an active Texas public school educator with 30 years in the field.

Opinion: How Many Times Does it Take Before Someone Should be Fired?

This is a question employers grapple with on an almost daily basis.  Weighing whether an employee can be retrained or should be let go is...
Abbott Standardized Testing

Opinion: Abbott Needs to Lead on Issue of Standardized Tests for Texas Schoolchildren

Ordinarily, when I write a column, I write to what my ego would hope to be thousands of readers. Today, however, I write to...

Opinion: School During Pandemic Is a Hurricane Texas Failed to Prepare For

If you live on the coast, you are familiar with the hurricane routine. Once the season starts, weather forecasters start getting excited about any...

Opinion: TEA Insistence on STAAR Testing During Pandemic is Outrageous

In psychology, there is an important theory called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In a nutshell, Abraham Maslow theorized that people are motivated by five...

Opinion: The State is Hijacking Federal Dollars Meant for Texas Schoolchildren

The state is hijacking the money provided by the federal government to your school district intended as relief for costs associated with COVID-19.  That’s a...
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