Texas is at a crossroads. Rather than get stuck in small-bore controversies, we need our elected officials to forge consensus on the big policy challenges facing our state. If they don’t, our future growth and success are at risk.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our ideas and imagination. However, the Texas Legislature is too often where the status quo prevails and good ideas go to die. Whether it’s on critical issues like property taxes, public and higher education, healthcare, or building a sustainable and competitive economic future, politicians in Austin seem primarily concerned with their own political careers and continually miss opportunities to make Texas stronger.

Our problems are bigger too – the biggest being how the establishment politicians don’t listen to us. They don’t care about our problems, only about their next election. They are beholden to narrow interests, and too often they side with the donors who fill their campaign coffers, and not with everyday Texans. If we’re going to get Texas back on track, this needs to change.

The good news is Texans have a choice, and the power to hold our government accountable.

Reform Austin is dedicated to demanding accountability from those we elect and to increasing transparency in how the public’s business is done and how our money is spent.  We will shine a bright light in the murky corridors of the Capitol, enabling taxpayers to hold public officials accountable and make changes where necessary.


Reform Austin (RA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization serving the interests of Texans who demand a responsible and effective legislature. We believe Austin is broken, and in desperate need of meaningful reform. Our purpose is to educate taxpayers on the records and actions of our public officials, and on viable solutions to build a stronger Texas.

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