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It has become increasingly difficult for Texans to exercise the right to vote as a record number of polling places have closed. The state tops the nation in shutting down polling sites – closing 750 locations since 2013. Civil rights advocates warn this will disenfranchise voters. 
In the 86th Legislative Session, Texas lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting local governments from setting up temporary polling locations. In the past, mobile and temporary voting centers helped provide better voting access to rural and under-served communities in Texas, including college students and the elderly. Two new Democratic groups and a former Austin city manager have filed suit against the Texas Secretary of State’s office, arguing the bill suppresses the vote of many disenfranchised groups.
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Cody Harris defeats Wesley Ratcliff

Cody Harris defeated Wesley Ratcliff, securing a seat in the Texas House of Representatives.

Early Voting Has Ended in the Texas House District 125 Special Election

Early voting has concluded in the special election for Texas House District 125 located in San Antonio. As of Friday, February 8th, 3,490 voters had cast ballots in District 125, about 3.5 percent of the district’s nearly 101,057 registered voters.
Texas runoff elections

Texas runoff elections set for Jan. 28

Texas runoff elections set for Jan. 28. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has set a date for runoffs in...

Results Are In: Gates Defeats Markowitz in Texas House District 28 Runoff Special Election

Fort Bend’s closely watched House District 28 runoff special election came to a close Tuesday night with Republican Gary Gates on top. 

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt resigns to run for Texas Senate

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt is resigning her seat to run for state Senate. Thomas Meredith for The Texas Tribune

Three Former Democratic Presidential Candidates to Speak at State Convention

The Texas Democratic Party has landed three more political heavyweights for its virtual state convention next month.  Senators Kamala...

Four More Days to Vote Early in July 14 Primary Runoff Election

After being closed for the Independence Day holiday, early voting locations are open again across Texas through Friday.  Reports,...

Trump Both Liability and Asset for Cornyn’s Re-election Bid

Ahead of the July primary runoff, Republican Sen. John Cornyn held a commanding lead over the two Democratic candidates competing to challenge...
Early voting begins

Early Voting Begins in Special SD 30 Election

Monday marks the start of early voting in the special election to choose a new state senator for District 30 in north...

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