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A well-informed electorate is critical to the health of sustaining democracy. Reform Austin is committed to providing in-depth reporting to ensure Texans are prepared when they go to the polls. Additionally, Reform Austin reports on the critical issues and challenges facing voters in Texas elections. 
It has become increasingly difficult for Texans to exercise the right to vote as a record number of polling places have closed. The state tops the nation in shutting down polling sites – closing 750 locations since 2013. Civil rights advocates warn this will disenfranchise voters. 
In the 86th Legislative Session, Texas lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting local governments from setting up temporary polling locations. In the past, mobile and temporary voting centers helped provide better voting access to rural and under-served communities in Texas, including college students and the elderly. Two new Democratic groups and a former Austin city manager have filed suit against the Texas Secretary of State’s office, arguing the bill suppresses the vote of many disenfranchised groups.
Reform Austin covers all aspects of voting – how you vote, who you’re voting for, when you’re voting, where to vote, and the results of the elections. We report on new candidates that announce, people running for reelection, and legislators that announce their resignation. Additionally, we provide comprehensive voter guides for you to compare candidates on the issues, as well as constitutional amendment explainers. Check Reform Austin for everything about voting, including what is done in the Texas Legislature to either promote or suppress the vote.

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