Mike Schofield doesn't listen to Texans

As long as the business lobbyists have their deals and willing politicians like Mike Schofield.

Dwayne Bohac sneaks around to get ahead

Dwayne Bohac violated the public trust. How can the people of District 138 trust him?

Kelly Hancock dishonors our veterans

Our veterans deserve to have access to educational funding to improve their lives, and should be able to decide for themselves and their families how to utilize the benefits they have earned.

Tony Tinderholt endangers women

Tinderholt continues to endanger women by voting against legislation to help women and are not safe in Texas with him voting.

Brad Buckley Doesn't Listen to Texans

As long as the business lobbyists have their deals and willing politicians like Brad Buckley, our taxes will keep going up, and we won’t get what our families need - honest government and real transparency.

Tony Tinderholt: Leaving Texas children behind

Tony Tinderholt has to adjust his priorities – our kids need the legislature to invest in their future, by prioritizing their needs and paying less attention to corporate special interests.

Does low pay equal low representation?

Texas State Representatives make less than minimum wage. Would boosting state rep. pay equate to better representation?

Do not pass go: Convicted politician Ron Reynolds reports to jail

Do right by your constituents Mr Reynolds.  Resign and let the rest of us go about hard work to Reform Austin.

Jonathan Boos won’t give hardworking Texans a boost

 Candidates like Jonathan Boos will continue to vote against the interests of hard-working Texans unless we rein in the power of the special interests and Reform Austin.

Donna Campbell keeps Austin rigged

Senator Donna Campbell takes tons of special interest money and votes to weaken accountability in the Texas Senate.

Texas Legislature Must Read