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Texas’s Tax-Free Weekend May Disappoint Many

Sales tax numbers for Texas’ just-completed annual tax free weekend won’t be known until the end of the month, but preliminary indications...

Linda Koop is raising your taxes

Texas legislators like Linda Koop have created and sustained a public school funding system increasingly reliant on local property taxpayers.

Traffic fines won’t replace property taxes

It's clear that traffic fines won't replace property taxes when it comes to the day-to-day operation of most Texas cities.

We can't trust Ken Strange with our money

Ken Strange is no stranger to conflict, raising doubts if Texans can trust him in Austin.

New Sales Tax Numbers Show Texans Were Still Spending in March

All that toilet paper buying may have had an impact on state sales taxes last month. According to the latest report from...

The Buck Doesn’t Stop with Brad Buckley on Taxes

He’s just another say one thing, do another politician.

A Texas sales tax increase would hit poor people the hardest

Texas’ Republican leadership wants to raise the taxes that consumers pay when they go shopping in order to lower the taxes that homeowners and...

Texas Economy Rides Rollercoaster of Uncertainty

The Texas economy appears to be on a bit of a pandemic-driven rollercoaster ride.  Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar reported...

Matt Shaheen is raising your taxes

Property taxes are out of control and it’s outrageous Austin politicians won’t fix it. While they pledge to tackle the problem during election season, the...

Small Business Saturday supports local businesses

We hear it constantly in candidate stump speeches: Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. In Texas, an incredible number of...

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