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Rocker Don Henley gives Texas political candidates a boost

Don Henley - yes, the guitar shredding crooner who founded the Eagles - has donated money to Texas Democrats running in this fall’s election, according to filings with the Texas Ethics Commission.
HD-100 campaign finance

Final HD-100 campaign finance reports filed

The four candidates in the special election to replace Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson’s HD-100 seat have filed their final campaign finance reports before election...

Huffines’ Plan to Beat Abbott in GOP Primary Requires $20M

Real estate developer Don Huffines told a Dallas-Fort Worth conservative radio show two weeks ago he plans to spend $20 million in his quest...

Valoree Swanson’s Interests Are Not Aligned With Her District

Money can have a large influence in decision making and that’s exactly what political action committees (PACs) are hoping for when contributing to campaigns....

Jose M. Lozano doesn't listen to Texans

As long as the business lobbyists have their deals and willing politicians like Jose M. Lozano, our taxes will go up and our services will suffer.

Here's to the Losers: How Incumbents Spent Millions to Lose in 2018

With the final campaign finance reports for the 2018 election cycle turned in three weeks ago, Texas residents can now have a better idea...

Speaking statistically, this GOP donor wants to convince you that money buys justice in...

Salem Abraham in his office on Dec. 19, 2019. David Bowser for The Texas Tribune. CANADIAN — To tell Salem Abraham his mathematical insights...

Democrats Continue to Outraise GOP Opponents, but Dollars Don’t Vote, People Do

While Republicans have dominated state races for nearly three decades, Democrats have reason to hope for wins in some statewide elections this month. They...

Morgan Meyer Keeps Austin Rigged

Rep. Morgan Meyer is just another part of the rigged political system in Austin - taking special interest money, voting to relax the rules on himself, and sticking it to everyday Texans.

You can't trust Lisa Luby Ryan with your money

Taxpayers across Texas are paying more in taxes and getting less. Lisa Luby Ryan won’t change it.
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