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Waiting for Tax Relief? Texas Homeowners Will Get Less Than Expected.

Statewide property values increased last year, on average, by a staggering 10.75 percent, according to the Texas Comptroller’s preliminary findings for 2019. 

Texas Developers Find a New Cash Cow: Cows

A recently enacted Texas law gives agricultural property owners a break in rollback tax, providing them financial benefits by reducing mandated rollback...

State’s Agricultural Tax Exemptions Benefit Wealthy at Education’s Expense, Critics Say

For many residents of property-tax happy Texas, a collective concern about next year’s tax bill from local governments constantly percolates. But not for all.

Ethical Black Friday is Possible: A Shopping Guide

Ethical Black Friday, is it possible? The holiday season is upon us, and that means buying presents for all the family and...

Small Business Saturday supports local businesses

We hear it constantly in candidate stump speeches: Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. In Texas, an incredible number of...

Traffic fines won’t replace property taxes

It's clear that traffic fines won't replace property taxes when it comes to the day-to-day operation of most Texas cities.

Prop. 4 may eliminate Texas' franchise tax

With 10 proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, voters are tasked with taking the future of the state’s Constitution into their own...

Texas lawmakers may have inadvertently created a corporate tax loophole

In a state struggling to adequately finance its schools, legislators have passed a measure that threatens to further reduce funding allocated to...

Will Real Tax Reform Please Stand Up

While the Big 3 Talked a Big Game on Tax Reform, Texas Families will see Limited Relief Since...

The property tax reform package is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk

A sweeping property tax reform bill that aims to slow rising property tax growth will soon head to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for...

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